Durational Performance
Clay, Mirror.
82” L, 28” W, 28” H.

Over a 4-day period I built a large clay vessel, enclosing myself inside for 5 hours upon completion. The end result was a sarcophagus-like structure where I could experience solitude, isolation, and sensory deprivation. A mirror was placed above my face as I attempted 'scrying', an ancient practice used to manifest visions and communicate with the dead.

In the Mirror: The Reflection from Inside ‘Vessel’
19” H, 13” L

An image taken of the mirror placed above my face as I lay inside ‘Vessel’. Outside light shone through the sides of the mirror pane and created an illuminated ‘ring’ where the clay met the glass. 

I stared into the mirror in complete darkness, hoping to manifest a vision...nothing happened.