Clay is bodily - it is skin, flesh, and bone. It bruises, bends, and breaks. It is alive, malleable. At its most fragile, it can disintegrate into dust, or upon being fired, become immortal, withstanding time like a fossilized bone. Working with this material allows me to explore the fragility of the body as it transforms through life and death. 

My work focuses on the connection between the human body as vessel and it’s relationship to the clay vessel. I explore this notion by creating large-scale, site-specific vessels for myself to inhabit. I build each vessel coil by coil, constantly considering the form in connection to the parameters of my body as I slowly enclose myself inside. The clay becomes an extension of my own body as it responds to every pinch, push, and pull. I occupy the vessel for hours at a time, focusing on my perceptions in solitude and darkness. The vessels become transient and transformative spaces, functioning as portals or tools to navigate through my own consciousness. My other senses are heightened along with the awareness of my own body, its limitations, and possibly the connection I may have to others that is beyond sight and physical space. Upon the completion of my experience inside, I destroy the vessel and reclaim the material, giving it another life and purpose. 

It is my intention that my work serve as a platform to start a larger conversation about the body, mortality, death, the afterlife, and how these subjects are addressed in contemporary culture.